Why Matthew and Epp drive me crazy.

Here’s a list of things I researched while writing that last story.  Looking at it all at once it seems beyond insane.  For some reason I had a large drive to really and truly learn these things.  I mean I was trying to do calculus.  I hate calculus:

Calculus, Isaac Newton (I read an 800 page biography), Trinity college, the etymology of names in Japanese culture, clothing in the 1600’s, calculus, universal gravity, how light works to produce colors, Buddhism and Shintoism, comets, English geography, calculus, building methods in the 1600’s, samurai weapons, Bethesda fountain, history of medicine, alchemy, calculus, etc.

The weird things is that I’m pretty sure I still screwed a ton of things and that the parts that came out the best were the ones where I only had a tiny bit of actual information and I just bullshitted my way through the rest.


  1. This is old, but I like your blogs. This was good to know b/c after my second time of taking Calculus 1 I decided the person who created it should be shot. Never took the time to research that it was Isaac Newton, but by Cal III it grows on to you b/c all of a sudden you feel you have entered a world only a few can grasp. Anyway all the facts came off like you knew what you were talking about 🙂