For, in the end, it is the road that crosses you.



For some reason I find this picture inspirational. The rooster just looks so unwavering as he stands there being a rooster.

So I still haven’t figured out the middle of this week’s story. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve got the beginning and I’ve got the end but it’d probably be for the best if I figured out some words to say in between. That’s as good a description of what I do as I’ve ever heard. I figure out what words are supposed to go in between.

There’s the beginning, there’s the end, and then there’s the rooster standing stoically in the middle. Let the chickens do what they will, this guy will never cross the road…nor will he return to your side.

I have less than nothing to write about today if you haven’t noticed.  I’m going to go do some journal writing and hope the in between parts start to come together.