Oh, you two-faced devil god!

The witty witty title of this post is in reference to Janus, the Roman god of doorways and the namesake for the month of January. Yes. He’s the god of doorways. There are some other things under his jurisdiction, but right now I hate him and his stupid month so that’s all he gets in my mind. Also, janitors are named after him. Suck it.

I’m sick. Again. This month started out with me being sick, then there was a middle part, then a family member was in the hospital, then I threw up all last weekend and once that passed I came down with a head-cold.

So this is for you, Janus. Go <BLEEP> your <BLEEP>ing <BLEEP> into a <BLEEP> with your stupid doorways and then <BLEEP> with a <BLEEP> until your stupid little month <BLEEP>s! You <BLEEP>ing <BLEEP>!