Sweet sixteen

The more of these stories I get through the more relaxed I am at the start of a new deadline. On the other hand I think my freak-outs at the end of the deadline are becoming more frantic. But still, with each new story there’s a stronger sense of possibility at the outset than with all the one’s before it. I can write about anything I want. This euphoric feeling will last until about Wednesday, at which point I’ll have to actually get to work and things will go crazy.

Also, back when I started this project, I talked a lot about not being able to throw away any ideas. Usually the first idea that came into my head had to be used because that’s what the deadline demanded. Since then I’ve learned that I have a teeny bit of wiggle room and I can toy with different ideas. However, I still don’t think I’ve gone with anything but my first idea yet. It turns out that my initial ideas are usually my strongest. They may not be my best, or my most interesting, but they’re the one’s that have enough meat and bones for me to build a story off of. The end result is usually very different from where I first think I’ll be headed, but it always seems to come out of my first idea.

Also also, here is a fantastic article about ketchup.