Tell me what to write.

I spent a lot of my Saturday night playing the Nintendo Wii.  Bowling, golf, tennis, some weird carnival game simulator.  And I have to tell you.  My arms are sore.  Very very sore.  That is one strange video game.

I also watched a lot of football.  And played World of Warcraft.  I’m single if you haven’t guessed.

I don’t have much to say about the current story yet as I don’t have a real clear grasp of it.  The Matthew and Epp stories are all sort of worked out to some degree in my head, but not very extensively.  I’ve got the opening scene for the current one figured out, and the ending scene, but the middle parts not so much.  So I think I’m going to just write that opening scene and see what clues it provides me for what comes next.

Oh, also, there are some blank spots in my mind for where all of this goes.  Much like the individual stories, the larger over-arcing story is only currently worked out to a certain degree.

What I’m saying is, if there’s anything or anyone in particular you’re just dying to learn more about, let me know and I might decide to write about them/it.  Maybe.  If it fits, of course.

There are some gaps and I’m open for suggestions as to what they should be filled in with.