I forgot to put the “Click here to continue reading,” bar into that last story before it posted.  I corrected it as soon as I realized but for those of you reading along using Feed Readers I’m afraid I may have dropped a gigantic story-length post into your computers.  Sorry.  Unless you prefer that.  Some people don’t like to have to click back to the site to read a full post.  I really have no idea but my gut tells me that 6,000 word long stories aren’t generally welcome in Feed Readers.  I certainly found it to be a pain in the ass and hopefully that won’t be happening again.

Also, I realized a few days ago that the amount of rigmarole I’ve been putting at the head of stories has steadily increased.  Between pictures and the print-link and the copyright and any side comments it had gotten to be a little overwhelming.  So I took most of that down off of the old stories.  I kind of liked most of it, it felt like the title page before you got to the actual story, but with the web one needs to think more like a newspaper than a book when it comes to layout.  People don’t like to have to scroll down to see what they want.  So unless I find a really perfect picture (The Nighthawks is still at the top of “Private Showing”) I’m going to try to keep it as simple as possible.  Thus, less rigmarole.

Also, it’s fun to type rigmarole.