Apparently my entire fan base is composed of stressed out insomniacs

I loved the response that last story got.  Mainly because it was completely unexpected.  I had nothing going into that and Neil was in charge the entire time.  It’s a nice feeling to surrender entirely like that, take a chance on a short little piece with no real plot, and then get word that you had an impact on some people.  Hooray for me!

On the other hand, my post-deadline breaks are becomming longer and longer by necessity and it’s harder and harder and harder to drag myself back to this project.  I think this is at least fifty percent the mid-winter blahs.  I”m pretty sure Spring will get put some jazz in my trumpet; it always does.  For now, though, I’m begrudgingly coming back from my weekend to put another story together.

Seventeen.  That boggles my mind.