I am writing and publishing a novel online in installments

A few things today.

1) The above title. I am writing and publishing a novel online in installments. Installments. That word has eluded me for, like, eight months now. I kept telling people I was writing a novel in serial form, whatever that is. I’d explain the site and this project and then say something, “And, on top of that, some of the stories are sort of mixing together so really I’m now also writing a novel in serialized form.” Which doesn’t make any sense. I swear, without a keyboard under my fingertips I make about 85% less sense. Not that I make tons of sense with the keyboard. Anyway, installments. That’s the word I’ve been wanting to use. It’s okay though, I’m just the writer here. It’s not like I’m supposed to be able to think up descriptive words and phrases for things and stuff.

2) I’ve been tinkering with the site some. I know a lot of you don’t particularly need to read all the blathering and blundering I do before I get to a new story, so now you can subscribe to get the stories and just the stories in your reader or inbox. It’s in that button off to the side there by the orange chicklet. However, before you take this option I should tell you that…

3) We’ve got another Matthew and Epp story coming next. When I got it into my head to write and publish this novel in installments (serialized? seriously? that’s the word I’ve been using?) there were a number of things that didn’t occur to me. One of the bigger ones was that long time readers would be coming into the later parts having read the earlier parts six, seven, eight months ago. Which makes things difficult, especially when you write like I do. Normally for something like this there’d be a “Previously on <example> this happened…” But I’d rather write three more books than summarize any past one so hopefully I’ve figured out a different way to do this. Which I will be rolling out in the blog as the next deadline approaches. Hopefully it will work.

Oh, and 4) Flying monkeys. Go tell some people. Go here and tell them. Tell them! Tell them what you have seen here and that quality fiction is alive and well on the internet (maybe not that last story so much but you know what I mean) and tell them to rejoice.


  1. “I swear, without a keyboard under my fingertips I make about 85% less sense.”

    I feel that way every single day. Just reading that made my day a little better. Thanks.