I probably have more important things to deal with but…

I just went to deposit a check and get some cash from the ATM.  I swiped my card, then deposited my check, at which point the little screen said something like, “What would you like to do next?” and had two buttons showing.  One for “End your visit,” and another for “Make another transaction.”  I thought, “Great,” and pushed the button for another transaction.  The machine then told me that for security purposes I had to swipe my card again.  Then I had to reenter my PIN number.

Can anyone explain this to me?  What is the point of letting me believe I could make another transaction when, really, I have to swipe my card again and reenter my PIN number, making it exactly the same as if I had started the entire process over.  If I had picked the button that said, “End your visit,” the results would have been exactly the same.  Was the machine teasing me?  Was that it?

I have precious little for this week’s story.  Precious little.