An interview with Hector

In June I began writing a new original story every two weeks and posting them to this website. Much to my surprise, one of those stories, Second Choice, spawned a second story, then a third, then a fourth and so on until it became clear to me that this was actually one novel length story coming out of me in installments. This was all fun and good but now that seven months have gone by since the first story it has become clear that a brief refresher course is needed for me and many of my readers. Therefore, leading up to the publication on this site of Part 7 on March 6th I will be interviewing a number of characters from this work here on my blog.

(In a sparsely furnished room the interviewer sits across from Hector. Hector is broad shouldered, his large frame is barely contained by a three-piece suit. His eyes are covered with mirrored sunglasses that hug his face close. His arms are folded and he doesn’t seem to happy about being here. Up against the near wall Gregor is seated, his face hidden behind the newspaper he’s reading.)

Joseph Devon: Okay, Hector, it’s good to have you here.

Hector: Yah.

JD: Now we’ve covered most everything in other interviews except what’s been in the works on your end of things.

H: What’s that mean?

JD: I mean we’ve gone into what testers are and how they work and live and some of their history. All I really have questions about for my readers is what you’ve been up to in the graveyards.

H: I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about. (The newspaper rattles and Gregor’s face appears. Hector glances over and gets an assenting nod from Gregor.) Yeah? (Gregor nods again) Okay. (The mirrored sunglasses turn to face the interviewer again) You want to repeat that?

JD: I was wondering if you could say a few words about what you’ve been up to in the graveyards.

H: A tester stops pushing, they start to rot. A lot of these end up in graveyards, you know, because they wind up chasing after their choices. So, yeah, I’ve been doing some work in graveyards.

JD: Were you the first one Gregor brought back?

H: (Hesitant) No, there were others. I’m just naturally suited to the work that needs to be done.

JD: And can we talk about that work? Frankly and openly?

H: How’s that?

JD: You were a goner, you were a decaying corpse of a tester, weren’t you? And Gregor figured out, (looking over his notes) I’m not sure when, but he figured out that if you feed healthy testers to a rotting tester, the rotting tester begins to grow back. In fact, he found out that they grow back far more powerful than before. Is that right?

H: (Looking over at Gregor) How much does this guy know?

Gregor: It’s okay.

H: You sure about this?

G: It’s okay. I talked to him yesterday. You can talk to him today. And Nyx will talk to him tomorrow.

H: (Indicating with his finger as he talks this through) You talked to him yesterday? (Gregor nods) And I’ll talk to him today? And then Nyx is going to be here tomorrow? (Gregor nods again. Hector thinks this through one more time) Okay then. (Turning back to the interviewer) I guess fire away.

JD: When a tester rotting in a graveyard gets fed enough healthy testers, they come back stronger-

H: That’s right. We’re stronger than before. Much, much, stronger. And faster. Make sure you put down faster.

JD: Okay, yes, I think I’ve got that. But some parts of you don’t quite regenerate fully, do they? Like your eyes? Or Nyx’s hand?

H: Yeah, that’s right. Some parts don’t quite grow back again. They stay a little rotten.

JD: Can we see your eyes?

H: Fuck off.

JD: (Forcing a laugh) So that would be a “No?”

H: (Not responding)

JD: Okay. So can we talk about you for a bit? You were in a graveyard at one point. So that means you gave up as a tester, you refused to work. Would you care to talk about that?

H: This is ridiculous. (Turning to Gregor) How much of this do I have to sit through?

G: I thought it would be interesting. I guess not. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. We’ve really got nowhere to go, though. You might as well kill some time.

H: Nah. (Turning to interviewer) We’re done.

JD: Um…I…okay. I guess we’ll just finish with the questionnaire created by Bernard Pivot and used by James Lipton from “Inside the Actors Studio.” What is your favorite word?

H: Love. (To Gregor) Did you do the jumble yet?

JD: What is your least favorite word?

H: Let’s just go ahead and mark down that I answered “Love” for all of these okay? (Takes a section of newspaper from Gregor’s outstretched hand and begins flipping through it)

JD: Well. I guess that means we’re-

H: Shhh.

JD: (Whispering) Sorry.