An interview with Nyx

In June I began writing a new original story every two weeks and posting them to this website. Much to my surprise, one of those stories, Second Choice, spawned a second story, then a third, then a fourth and so on until it became clear to me that this was actually one novel length story coming out of me in installments. This was all fun and good but now that seven months have gone by since the first story it has become clear that a brief refresher course is needed for me and many of my readers. Therefore, leading up to the publication on this site of Part 7 on March 6th I will be interviewing a number of characters from this work here on my blog.

(In a sparsely furnished room sits Nyx. Nyx is young, barely in her twenties if not still a teenager. Her hair is dark black and pert bangs rest on her forehead over heavy lidded eyes rimmed in purple eyeliner. She is sitting back in a semi-daze, as if contemplating taking a nap. She reaches up lazily and wipes a bright scarlet smear off of the corner of her mouth. A fine mist of something similarly colored is splattered over the carpet and the interviewer’s chair which sits across from her, noticeably empty.)


  1. Michele says:

    Goofball! Who is going to write the next story??

  2. I get the sense that you have become frustrated with this project…