Did Steinbeck ever have Thursdays like this?

I still have nothing for next week’s story, and now that it’s Thursday night the situation has passed over into the land of quite worrisome for me.


I thought I had something a few days ago about a fairytale land and a romance between some peasant dude and a girl of some sort, but that didn’t exactly materialize.  If you couldn’t tell.  Also I haven’t had a smart-ass character in awhile, so I was thinking of working one of those in, but that isn’t exactly a story, it’s just me wanting to write a smart-ass character.

It’s going to be difficult this weekend to figure out whether I should get out and try to find some inspiration in the city, or stay at home and sweat out a paragraph or two to build on as the weekend progresses.   Both options suck.  Going out is fun and can produce great results, but then you’ve got that much less time to get through your work when you finally sit down, while staying in and chaining yourself to your desk sucks for more obvious reasons.

Anyway, don’t be surprised if there’s some sort of smart-ass peasant-type romance thing coming your way next week.