Fly, monkeys, fly

It’s time for my periodic request for free advertising that I told myself I’d do after every story but quite often forget about. Yes, that’s right, M.P.R.F.F.A.T.I.T.M.I.D.A.E.S.B.Q.O.F.A. is upon us again. Oh, it seems like just yesterday that the last one was here.

If you like what you’re reading, if you dig free content, if you enjoy my stories, please go tell a friend. It’s that easy. Surely we’ve got something here that somebody you know will like. We’ve got mad scientists, true love, sarcastic computers, sympathetic hit-men, dancing t-shirts, angry blobs, touching loss, the New York of my twenties, and some other stuff. Not to mention the ever engaging world of Matthew and Epp.

So go. E-mail away the links to your favorite stories. You won’t be missing anything. I’m not going to do a thing but sit here and play solitaire while your gone. Honest.