I have no idea what I’m doing

I really don’t have any idea how to go about running this site.  None.  I’d like to make it as enjoyable as possible, and I’d like for you to play on here as much as possible…but this project makes that difficult sometimes.  For one thing, as more and more readers come in, more and more people are commenting on stories that were posted, like, eight months ago.  Which is great, I love comments, but it’s hard to get a sense of community going when my main content is buried in the archives.  I threw up a “Most Popular” sidebar a few months ago, and hopefully that helped people pick the stories out from the daily babble. And the “Stories” page up along the top seemed to help too.

But what I’m talking about now are the comments that are slowly starting to amass on some of the stories.  I’ll say again that I love comments and there isn’t anything that makes a story come alive for me more than hearing how readers respond to the characters I’ve created.  There’s a metaphor, not mine, I forget where I heard it, but it compares art to gambling at a casino.  The basic premise being that it’s all sort of fake, you have these chips and you know on some level that they’re real but it doesn’t hit home until you go to the cashier and get actual money.  That’s what you all are.  My cashiers.  You make this real for me and I thank you for it.

And from the other end of things I think reading what other people have to say can be an eye-opener and can enrich your reading of a story.  Some people don’t like that, I know, but some people do, and for those people it’s hard to keep track of comments since the meaty ones are going to be way back on the stories.

So, I’ve also added a “Recent Comments” thingy into the sidebar.  You can see all the latest comments if you scroll down…and look in the sidebar.  Likewise, you can subscribe to the comments via a feed.  That’s up in the sidebar as well by the orange chic-let.  Although that’s probably just for die-hards.

I’ll also add that the comments sections for stories are yours and yours alone.  I know a lot of bloggers will pop in and say hi and “chat,” so to speak, via comments, but I don’t think I’m going to do that.  It’s just not me.  Once I hit the publish button on a story I’m a firm believer that I should then back away from the story and let it be yours entirely.  So I won’t be popping up to reply to comments.  Sorry.  I will, however, happily respond to e-mails.  Relatively quickly.  And maybe maybe maybe I’ll give you a nod if you’ve been getting busy on the old comments (Give me a “T!” Give me an “A!” Give me an “M!”  Give me an “M!” Give me a “Y!”).

Generally speaking, though, the comments are all yours.

And, for the first time in forever, I’ve got an idea for the next story right off the bat.  Kind of.  At the very least I’m not nowhere.