Make that three times…

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I came across more people shooting things with cameras on my way out of the subway this evening.  That’s a block north of me and yesterday I saw cameras a block south of me so I don’t think this was the same project.

There was a man standing on the landing of the stairs leading out of the subway so his head was just barely popping out above ground.  He had his hands in his jacket pocket and was leaning up casually against the wall while us normal people walked by and someone up at the top of the stairs shot him with a camera.  Fairly common place, the guy was nondescript, the camera man was backed up against some scaffolding so as to not get in peoples’ way, it was all very humdrum except that the guy working the camera seemed compelled to motivate his actor by screaming, “Don’t look at me, Gary, don’t look at me!  You’re just another pervert standing on the stairs of the subway!  You’re a pervert, Gary, a pervert!”

I love this city.