Merry Christmas, Bailey Savings and Loan

They’re filming something of some sort on the street below mine.  This is a common occurance here in Manhattan.  Your street gets taken over by trailers and food tables and lengths of cable and people with hurried looks on their faces and multiple communication devices strapped to their belts.  After the first few times you see it you sort of lose interest.  Whatever movie or ad or show is being shot is probably filming inside a building nearby or the shot they’re doing is going to take thirty seconds and look remarkably like someone pointing a camera at some people doing something that makes zero sense to you.  Granted, if there was a big actor or something nearby, that’d be fun, but that’s pretty rare.  Usually I just see the trailers set up as portable dressing rooms and the table of coffee and sandwiches.  Except for two times.

Once, maybe five years ago, I stepped out of my apartment and into a parade.  This wasn’t too surprising, the apartment I was in at the time had a lot of parades go by.  But then the parade stopped, everyone went back to the beginning of the block, and it started all over again.  The second time the parade went by I noticed that everything with a date on it was telling me that it was the early nineties.  I finally figured out they were filming a parade scene for Law and Order.

The second time I was walking home and was four blocks from my street.  It was winter and very cold, dark and windy, but it was perfectly clear out.  Then I was three blocks from my street.  Then two.  Then it was snowing.  Then I was at my street and it was clear again.  Freakhog bizarre. They made it snow on the street south of mine.  I probably walked back and forth a dozen times that night just to experience that, “Now it’s snowing, now it’s not,” feeling over and over.   Then, naturally, that night it snowed like crazy as one of those wonderful New York blizzards blew through causing the movie that was filming to have to postpone everything as their film and cameras and lights were geared up to shoot fake snow…the real snow was useless to them.

Also there was one time when it was snowing and I was drunk and I ran into every convienance store on my way home and shouted out the title of this post before running on.

I’m nowhere with next week’s story.