My apologies to the entire nation of Japan

I’m very unsettled by that last story. For a number of reasons. For starters, though, I’ll mention again that me being unsettled is generally a good sign for you, the reader. You don’t want me positive a story was good. But still, that last story drew on some weird things and I found myself in the annoying position of wanting to do a good job portraying ancient Japanese culture while at the same time needing to completely ignore everything I knew about Japanese culture in order to just tell my story. That was unsettling part number one.

Unsettling part number two was that I’ve got to get a move on here with the main players in the world of Matthew and Epp, and I thought I’d be jumping around from place to place in that last story, putting a few more pieces into place before letting the whole thing start to unwind naturally on it’s own. Only, I decided to dip a bit into Kyo’s history and thousands of words later, there I was, still investigating Kyo’s history. Nothing else in the Matthew and Epp universe got advanced very much.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be extending this project by a story or maybe two in order to wrap up that world.

For now, if you enjoyed “The Monk, the Warrior and the Lord,” than I would like to credit the large number of Japanese myths and folk tales that I drew on. If you weren’t so crazy about it than that’s on me. Either way, it is absolutely necessary for me, once a deadline is done, to just move on to the next story. If I let myself linger this whole project goes to hell. So that sound your hearing is my hands being wiped clean and me moving on to Untitled 19.

Anyone have any ideas?