I think I’ve talked on here about the amazing amount of data I get from the Google Analytics program.  I can tell what town people are visiting from, how long they stay, which state contains the most readers, stuff like that.  On the other hand, it’s all just data, and there are always tons of different ways to read data and, in the end, you never actually know what’s going on, you can only decide how you’re going to interpret the data.  In other words if a visitor stays on “Black Eyed Susan” for thirteen minutes, then they could be reading that story…or they could have arrived at that story and then really really really had to go to the bathroom, gotten up, left their computer on and their browser open to that page, and forgotten about it entirely.

So recently I started receiving a lot of direct hits to the site.   A direct hit means that the visitor didn’t come via another site or get sent here by a search engine.  They opened up their browser and typed “josephdevon.com” into the address bar in their browser…in Bahrain.  Or Turkey.  Or Japan.  Or Estonia.  Lots of direct hits from lots of different places.  That’s been the newest thing.

To give you a clearer idea of what I mean, I’ll tell you this: in the nine months from the start of this project up until last Wednesday I had received 34 direct visits from 16 different countries, excluding stats from the United States.  In the four days between then and now I have received 198 direct visits from 36 different countries.

It’s weird.  And I have no idea what’s going on.  My gut says that this is a fluke or that search engine visitors are accidentally being classified as direct visitors or it’s some sort of program scanning my site or something.  But who knows?  So if you’re from Singapore or Bahrain and you’re reading this, clue me in.  I’m lost.

And hopefully you’re not a robot.