I just found out that another old story of mine was accepted for publication. The magazine that picked it up is Ellipsis out of Westminster College.

I don’t know when it’s going to be out in print, exactly. After a story gets accepted it can take six months to a year for it to appear in an edition of the magazine and sometimes it never makes it at all. I wrote this story in college and mailed to Ellipsis in November of 2006. It’s now March of 2008. It’ll be a few more months until it shows up in print.

You can read the story I finished writing last Thursday here. Right now. No wait.

I already went through this in this post but I’ll mention again that I’m pretty sure the smaller short story publications could start utilizing the internet to streamline things a bit and spend more time doing the work they want to be doing. Like me. I hate putting together mailings. It takes me weeks and weeks and I get all thrown off track and my work routine goes to hell. Now, though, I just copy and paste into my WordPress dashboard. Then I hit the publish button. Then you can read it. Pretty simple.

As I mentioned in that other post I don’t claim to have all of this worked out. But I’m pretty certain some things can be improved.

I’ll let you know when Ellipsis puts my story out and you can buy a copy if you want.