In a world….

This is going to be good. I know I basically never say that, in fact it sometimes seems like I’m philosophically opposed to saying anything good about what I write, but this next one is shaping up inside my head to be pretty interesting.

The fact that I’m writing a book in installments for this project has provided any number of surprises. The first being when I decided to write a book in installments. Based on nothing. No previous ideas being used, no long lingering scenes in my head that I wanted to finally put onto paper, nothing. I can’t stress this enough: Matthew and Epp came out of nowhere. That first story sprang out of nothingness and every subsequent story has been almost, not quite, but almost as surprising. There has been a lot of world building, a lot of rules that I had to work out and then get across in not a lot of time, a lot of background to cover.

That’s all over with. Now comes my favorite part of the tale in which I get to unleash hell. If I don’t make you gasp, if I don’t make you swear softly to yourself, if I don’t have you by the end of this next installment, then clearly your passport to Matthew and Epp’s world will never be stamped. Which would be a shame. They have a very lovely aquarium there.

And if you haven’t started reading Matthew and Epp yet…well what are you waiting for? Go here and read now.