National Skirt Day

I think I know what I’m going to write for next week.  A friend of mine had an idea for a story that he told me about so I’m going to steal that.  He’ll never write it, that’s for certain.  He’s in finance.  And, as an added bit of trivia, he once got so drunk at a holiday office party that later that night he tried to walk through the Holland Tunnel.  The theory is he thought it was a subway station.  Good times.

It’s a lighter story than I usually write.  I could almost dub it a comedy, except I don’t write comedies.  I sometimes sit down and try and write a comedy but the next thing I know I’ve got some huge heartache going on or something.  The best I can muster is comedic characters…and by “comedic” I mean “smart-ass.”

But really right now it’s hard to worry about all this.  Spring is here.  I can get home, get my writing done, head out for a bite or a drink and there will still be daylight left.  Sidewalk tables are in front of restaurants for good now.  And, after a long dark season of bulky winter coats, the opposite sex suddenly has a physical form again.

I love spring. I love National Skirt Day (or as it’s known in the south, National Sundress Day).