On the eating of Reubens

It goes like this, the weekend before a story is due I spend most every waking moment at my computer either writing or trying to think of something to write.  The weekend after a deadline I try to go nowhere near my computer.  And, for the first few months of this project, I had a nice ping-pong effect going: one weekend on, one weekend off.  Things got a little screwy over the winter.  Didn’t take much.  One stomach virus and my schedule would go something like: one weekend on, one weekend home sick, then another weekend on, and just like that a month would go by without me seeing my friends or going out.  It’s a rather fragile system I blundered into.  It was nice to have a free weekend where I wasn’t sick or trying to catch up on stuff that had slipped during previous weekends.  I was going to go scout out a location this weekend, but I opted to not do that and to try to really take the weekend off.  I can’t tell if that was the right decision.  There’s a scene I’ve had in my head since…I think since I decided to make Matthew and Epp into a longer book-length story, and I think that scene is coming up and it’s set at a landmark here in Manhattan and I thought it would be a good idea to go see that landmark in person.  Only I didn’t.  It’s possible that when I get into things that the scene will want to play out differently and it would be bad to try to force it into this setting just because I want a scene to be set there.  So I decided to not go research this setting and to just start writing.  If I need to go pop in, it’s a quick subway ride away.  I can go see it next weekend and only lose a couple of hours of writing time.  I think that was the right choice.

So, as I said, I opted to take a complete weekend off.  I drank beer and ate a Reuben at Katz’s Deli at two in the morning (I could found a religion on that sandwich) and read in the park and just tried to use my first truly free weekend off (and not sick) in months as just that, a weekend off.

Hopefully I made the right choice.

Matthew and Epp are calling.