The best fortune cookie I ever recieved

On my computer desktop I’ve got all of my stories lined up. Whatever I’m writing I put on my desktop.  It’s best to make it as hard as possible to avoid writing and when my current story is sitting there looking at me it’s hard to ignore.  Whenever possible I leave the Word document open as well, although that has caused some problems in the past because I tend to forget to hit save and if there’s  a crash or a power flicker I can lose stuff.  But I’ve gotten better with that.

What was my point?

Oh, I’ve left all the past stories from this project on my desktop as well and let them slowly line up and accumulate.  It’s pretty neat looking now, two rows of ten with that last one sitting on top in a new third row.  Looking at it like that it’s very easy to see that I have written a ridiculous amount of fiction this year.   What’s astounding to me is that most of it is good.  It’s stuff I can stand behind.  I thought I’d produce, at most, five stories that would be worth anything during this project.  I’ve been happily proven wrong.  And here is my point.  It’s often a very good idea to push yourself outside of your normal limits.

Nobody knows what their own best is.

And, yes, I got that from a fortune cookie.