A Tale of Two Somethings

I’m very curious to see the reaction to this next story.  For starters, as I’ve mentioned, it’s actually short.  The shorter stories tend to get read more because…well because they’re short I’d imagine.  Also for newcomers it’s probably easier to take a chance on a few thousand words rather than eight thousand words.  Suckers.  You’ll never know what you’re missing.

This story is really so simple, though, and with just a hint of my out-there-ness.  I dunno.  This is like a drawing you do on a cocktail napkin while you’re out at a bar waiting for someone to show up, and you aren’t really thinking about much, you’re just sort of doodling, and when you’re done you look at what you did and think, “Huh. That’s kind of neat.”  And the napkin goes into your wallet and even years later you find yourself taking it out now and then to look at it.

It’s sort of like that.

Also some huge scenes from the Matthew and Epp world clicked into place this morning.  God, I love Kyo.