I’m enjoying this one

Okay. For starters, it’s absolutely pouring outside. And five minutes ago it was sunny and clear. Very interesting.

I’m having fun with this story. First of all, a complete draft is finished, which is always a nice feeling. Secondly, the ending of the Matthew and Epp story is, sort of, kind of, coming into focus. Maybe. And that’s helpful. It’s pretty stressful hurtling head on through a story with no clear idea of how it’s going to end.

Mostly though, the enjoyment of this story is coming from the fact that once this is done I get to just keep thinking about Matthew and Epp. I don’t have to switch gears and make up two entirely different stories, then come back to them. I’m not real sure how I wound up in that pattern to begin with, and it seemed to work out so I shouldn’t bad mouth it too much, but those clunky gear shifts are rough.

What I’m noticing too is that I’m not very hung up anymore on making these sections into self contained stories. The previous sections were designed to stand alone pretty well. I’m not kidding myself, mind you. I know that you couldn’t exactly read Part 7 and nothing else and get a whole lot out of it. But still, there’s less of a short-storyish feel going on now and more of a chapterish feel. These final chunks will still be self contained, I’m not going to leave off mid-sentence or anything, but I feel much freer (is that a word?) to introduce some things here and there that I know won’t be resolved, or even explained, until the next section.

So that’s nice.

Really, though, I’m just excited to have my weekends back a month from now.