Repetitive babble

I know I keep saying this but I still don’t quite know how this Matthew and Epp thing is going to end.  It’s very strange.  I’m fairly certain that by this time next month it will all be worked out, yet right now I’m completely clueless.  And where it really gets weird is, a month from now, I’ll be looking back and have no recollection of when things came together.  The choices that I’ll have made will seem so obvious to me that it will seem like they were there all along.

I hadn’t even met Kyo until the third story, but at this point it seems like I had planned to have him in there all the while.  Gregor was also a no show until the third story, yet he somehow became a huge character in all of this.  Not to mention when their names and looks and personalities came together.  This is such a weird process.

So very weird.