Various problems

As usual, I have no idea how that last story turned out.  You need to fill me in.  From my perspective it was enjoyable to write, but that doesn’t mean much.  There was a lot of puzzling things out which came about because at the end of Part 7 all of my characters became equally clueless.  So a lot of Part 8 was watching them try to get a grip on what was happening.  Which was handy.  Because I needed to get a grip on what was happening.  I also enjoy watching people think.  And if that isn’t your thing then there’s always Kyo.

Sometimes I chuckle at how I, over the Matthew and Epp stories, have moved from an interesting philosophical standpoint sort of story into more of a zombie knife fight sort of story.  Good fun.

I now also can see how all of this might begin to start ending, which is a good feeling.  At times it feels like things are just going to keep escalating and never wind down.  I seem to like throwing curve balls at myself.

On the other end of things, my blogging program has decided that it will occasionally erase all of my pages (the things along the bottom of the green bar up top) and turn them into posts from last October instead.   So there’s that.

More Matthew and Epp on the way.

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