We’re changing things up a bit

So there are three stories left.  And I have a Matthew and Epp story up next.

Now, I have no idea how Matthew and Epp ends.  Nor do I have a real clear idea of how much story is left for Matthew and Epp.  So here’s the deal.

From here on our it is all going to be Matthew and Epp.  All M&E all the time.  Nothing but sweet sweet testing craziness and deep resonant philosophical statements…and probably some kung fu thrown in as well.

I’m not sure I’ll need three stories to finish this up, but this way I can be sure I’ll have the space I need to find my ending and I won’t feel compelled to slap a finishing point in where there isn’t one.   Hopefully with this much leeway things will be able to run their natural course.


God, I have no idea how this ends….