What to write, what to write?

What to write?  I’ve got nothing.  And I keep promising myself that I’m going to get on top of my current story so that things won’t be rushed next week…but really I’ve got nothing.  Also I don’t know what day it is.  Taking time off to go to the Kentucky Derby screwed me up.  Usually I’m all perfectly scheduled in my head so I can tell when things are going wrong and it’s time to panic because I don’t have an idea.  This week I’m not sure when to start panicking.

What haven’t I tried yet?  I never made a promise to try all genres or anything, but I kind of want to try something new.  Not quite sure what that might be.  Gorilla documentary?  Crying on the inside clown?  “Die Hard” on a submarine?

This is why I don’t brainstorm.  Or maybe this is why I should brainstorm more often.