Don’t answer that

I went to buy some Gatorade type stuff to drink today and found myself craving a Vitamin Water. Vitamin Water (you can make their bottles waggle and bounce in a hypnotic line at their site) is bottled in all sorts of pretty colors and all the colors do different things for your body…supposedly. There’s “power” and “vital-t” and they’re all written in lowercase on the label and they give you a little blurb about how this one type of Vitamin Water will help you “power through an active day of whatever and something.” Only it’s sort of humorously written and for some reason I always fall for it.

Am I really that stupid?

I honestly sit there and think, “Gee, I really need some endurance today so I better drink some Peach-Mango Vitamin Water because it has ribose in it whatever the hell that is.” Which is annoying in a “I should probably be smarter than this” sort of way, but the baffling part is I’ll only look at what superpowers are being offered when I choose my drink. To the point of totally ignoring what flavor they happened to have added to their sugar water.

So I wound up drinking a green tea drink today because, hmm, I could use some rescuing and, as we all know, egcg is just the thing for that.

The problem?

I f#$%ng hate green tea.