My bid to alienate everyone

So, as I mentioned yesterday, endings are tough.  They’re really tough for me because I don’t really believe in them.  In my mind, life goes on; I never really get it into my head that a character’s story is over (unless I’ve killed them off, of course).  The result of this mentality is that for my larger works there’s always a lingering hint of things left undone in my endings.

I shouldn’t say “always” I guess because I don’t have a ton of larger works, but just the same I don’t see myself ever wrapping up one of my stories with a bunch of ewoks playing instruments and everybody dancing and smiling implying that now everything will be perfect for always.

Or maybe I’m being too analytical of myself.  After all, even the most tied up of endings gives some notion of life continuing.  I’ve yet to see the story that ends with, “Then everything stopped forever.”

No, maybe my point here is that the Matthew and Epp stories are, by nature, going to end with the notion of things continuing on past the final word.  These characters live preposterously long lives; I’m not going to be able to sum them up in the year I’ve spent with them.

But that’s not it either.

I don’t know.  I haven’t actually written the final words yet, but I get the idea that it’s going to be possible to read it as me leaving the door open for a sequel or something.  Which it isn’t.  I may come back to this world, I have no control over that.  But my ending isn’t an attempt to hint at that.

It’s just my ending.

Life goes on.

This one and the next.  Ha.


  1. 🙁 glad i read this now… I for one would have been one of those hopefuls thinking you were hinting to a sequel…but I understand and I just have to accept it…. 🙁 tear. BUT I got your book “The letter” so once this project is done that will be my next project to tide over me b4 i start just re-reading these stories over and over again.