Surely I can do better

I think I have a title for the next section.  But you’ll notice that, currently, the category name hasn’t been changed.

I try not to sound pompous when I write.  That’s one of my only rules.  I’ll have characters who are pompous, sure, but if my writing, the bits and pieces in between character observations and dialog and what have you, starts to get too over the top I always try and reign it in.  If I can say something using three simple words rather than twelve grandiose words, I shoot for three simple words.  Again, though, my characters are driving the tone a lot of the time and if they’re pompous then the writing will take a turn that way.

So, for that reason, I’m not so sure about this title.  I don’t believe in big artsy sounding titles.  In fact, looking over the list, I seem to like titles that invoke a touch of wordplay.  “Robin’s Flight” being one of my favorites.  This current title I’m thinking of, even though I like what it means for me, seems a bit too over the top for my liking.  It might stick though.

For those of you who are wondering and who like doing bits of side research on this stuff, here it is as it stands now (I can’t even write it without blushing):

“Where Sarpedon’s Body Lay”

Really.  That’s a bit much, no?