This is not a blog

For some reason I’m rather stuck this week in the word department.  They aren’t really flowing.  For the story that’s okay because, over the course of this project anyway, the week leading up to my writing weekend has always been spent doing a lot of brainstorming and note taking and book reading and things of that nature, but no actual writing.

Except for these daily posts.  Which have no point and go nowhere and, in no way, are meant to comprise a blog.

I mean, yes, they’re sort of a blog, but periodically I feel compelled to point out that really this is more of a documentary.  I don’t dedicate tons of brainpower to coming up with fascinating and humorous blog posts.  This is partly a survival issue.  There is no way I could craft ten interesting posts and a short story over the course of two weeks, every two weeks, for fifty-two weeks.

No, the daily posts on this site were always meant to be more of a study in what goes into writing a story.  And, as it turns out, a lot of what goes into writing a story is me being stressed and bored and sleepy and sort of thick-headidly stupid as I stare off into space and listen to the noises in my head.

Sometimes something fun pops up, but otherwise I feel obligated, mostly to other writers out there, to not spice things up and try to display this process as honestly as possible.

So when I’m having a hard time stringing words together, you get a post about me having a hard time stringing words together.

Like this one.