Titles, titles everywhere so lets all have a drink

I’m pretty sure I’ve got my title for this final section.  It came to me well over a month ago and the odds of my brain setting it aside in any real way and letting the possibility of a new title exist are pretty slim.  My head is already sold on it.  And for good reason.  It’s fun, it matches well with the story and, as a nice bonus, it even matches well with my current state of mind concerning this project.

But, as usual, I’m going to hold off on changing the category until I’m really really sure.  Really.  Granted, if you’re reading this six months from now or something then this won’t make any sense because the category will already have been changed, so for those of you who weren’t reading this as it was posted, the category title is currently “Untitled 26.”

I think I’m giddy.