Well, I’m on MySpace now

I’m on Myspace now.  I just signed up the other day and haven’t done a thing with it yet.  Not that I know what one does with a Myspace page.  I have a Facebook page as well and all I’ve done with that is play some scrabble.

So…yeah.  If any of you are Myspace people feel free to add me or tag me or link me or what have you.  And over the next few weeks I’ll start figuring out my page and seeing what it allows me to offer you.

That’s what I really don’t understand.  I have a website, why do I need a Myspace page?  (Shut up, grandpa.)

Anyway, I’m wildly stressed about wrapping up Matthew and Epp and looking for things to occupy my mind so, yeah, Myspace.  Dig it.