I hate computers

For the third time this week I sat down today to write a post and let you all know what I’m doing. And for the third time I wound up frigging around in the background of this website, trying to update one little thing only to find that I have to update two little things only to find that I have to track down some file or reorganize my squirrels or open a database or I don’t even know what. Something with slugs.

There may be some procrastination in this as I happily charged through all those “Warning: Please Update Your Squirrels” messages back when 26 Stories was still going on. But this stuff probably needs to be done. Not that I’m doing such a bang up job.

My point is that I’m still here and still working and still catching up on things I missed out on last year.

What I’m currently working on writing-wise is a top ten list of my favorite moments from 26 Stories. This seemed like a fun little idea and, like most fun little ideas I have, it turned into a much larger project than expected. I thought I’d just rattle off a post with ten moments, but instead I think it’s going to be ten different posts with a few paragraphs on each moment.

But it isn’t done yet and my squirrels and slugs need me so I’ll see you next week.

Is July Almost Over Already?

So I’m still here but still not here. I haven’t come up with anything earth shattering to do with this coming year, but I have done a lot of relaxing and catching up on of sleep. I also have a list of my top ten moments from 26 Stories that I’m working on, but it turns out that picking ten moments is a bit trickier than I originally expected. Also I’m readjusting to writing without a constantly ticking deadline.

Mainly, though? I’m still on vacation.

Here, though, for your pleasure are:

A game where you’re a dolphin and you do tricks and jump and spin and make that great dolphin sound.


A slightly more intense game where you have to make sushi for waiting customers.


Still on vacation

As I said before, July is a little nutty for me so I won’t be on here much. Also there’s the fact that I want to stay away for a bit to clear my head as far as fiction writing goes. After a big project I like to forget how to write so I have to start the next project from scratch. Granted, sometimes this results in me forgetting everything about writing and can result in some funderful writer’s block. It’s complicated.

I’m also planning on writing something to sum up the past year, a look back over the project, maybe some sort of list of my ten favorite moments (I’m a complete sucker for a Top Ten List). Plus there are lot of tidbits from the writing of Matthew and Epp that I think might be worth sharing. Like how Mary’s original physical description was based on this photo of Shakira. Things of that nature.

Other than that, I’m working on wiring this site to Facebook and MySpace. There’s a Facebook button over on the side now, you can become an official fan that way. Splendid.

I will leave you with this fun game of “Spot The Gnome.” You have ten minutes to navigate the photo and find all ten gnomes. To navigate you find clickable areas on the photo that let you zoom in while clicking on the bottom of the photo zooms you back out. Simple enough. Yet I defy you after ten minutes to not begin muttering horrible things about deviant sneaky gnomes.

What on earth was that?

Well then.

Finishing a book is always a strange event, a combination of loss and relief and anxiety. Finishing a book that you were writing in installments online for an ever growing audience who’s ending you didn’t even know until you wrote it? That’s something a little different.

No idea what to do next.

What I do know is that I’ll be taking a week or so off from most things writing. I’m going out of town for this coming weekend and then I’ve got a rather busy July so I’m going to be on here only sporadically. Assuming I can stay away. Part of me wants to start another book.

Also I need to figure out how to structure this site now that the project is over (this is the first post that, intentionally anyway, was filed in the “Uncategorized” category).

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m going to fade away into oblivion. I’ve come to like this here internet place, but the daily check-in on the writing process is now done and there won’t be any new fiction for a bit and for at least a week I’ll be absent.

Otherwise I should have some of my next year worked out by the time I come back from vacation. And I’m sure I’ll say a few things about the Matthew and Epp stories.

Speaking of, if you’re new here, the “New Here” page will fill you in on most things…shockingly. I don’t think I go into the whole Matthew and Epp concept there (it’s funny to me that there isn’t actually a title) but for that you should start at “Second Choice” and work your way through Parts 2- 10. They’re labeled as such over in the Categories column.