I hate computers

For the third time this week I sat down today to write a post and let you all know what I’m doing. And for the third time I wound up frigging around in the background of this website, trying to update one little thing only to find that I have to update two little things only to find that I have to track down some file or reorganize my squirrels or open a database or I don’t even know what. Something with slugs.

There may be some procrastination in this as I happily charged through all those “Warning: Please Update Your Squirrels” messages back when 26 Stories was still going on. But this stuff probably needs to be done. Not that I’m doing such a bang up job.

My point is that I’m still here and still working and still catching up on things I missed out on last year.

What I’m currently working on writing-wise is a top ten list of my favorite moments from 26 Stories. This seemed like a fun little idea and, like most fun little ideas I have, it turned into a much larger project than expected. I thought I’d just rattle off a post with ten moments, but instead I think it’s going to be ten different posts with a few paragraphs on each moment.

But it isn’t done yet and my squirrels and slugs need me so I’ll see you next week.


  1. Looking forward to it. Should be interesting…