Still on vacation

As I said before, July is a little nutty for me so I won’t be on here much. Also there’s the fact that I want to stay away for a bit to clear my head as far as fiction writing goes. After a big project I like to forget how to write so I have to start the next project from scratch. Granted, sometimes this results in me forgetting everything about writing and can result in some funderful writer’s block. It’s complicated.

I’m also planning on writing something to sum up the past year, a look back over the project, maybe some sort of list of my ten favorite moments (I’m a complete sucker for a Top Ten List). Plus there are lot of tidbits from the writing of Matthew and Epp that I think might be worth sharing. Like how Mary’s original physical description was based on this photo of Shakira. Things of that nature.

Other than that, I’m working on wiring this site to Facebook and MySpace. There’s a Facebook button over on the side now, you can become an official fan that way. Splendid.

I will leave you with this fun game of “Spot The Gnome.” You have ten minutes to navigate the photo and find all ten gnomes. To navigate you find clickable areas on the photo that let you zoom in while clicking on the bottom of the photo zooms you back out. Simple enough. Yet I defy you after ten minutes to not begin muttering horrible things about deviant sneaky gnomes.