$100,000 Bill

I would love to set a story here. Who wouldn’t? It’s the door to hell.

And it’s real. Which makes it completely unusable. If I ever put this into a story I’d have to explain so much of it that it would take over the story. I’m talking pages and pages on how natural gas burns and the local government and why it doesn’t explode, etc.

Either that or I’d have to take so many liberties while casually slipping it into the story that I might as well make up my own setting.

Sadly, the fact that it’s real doesn’t make it any easier to believe for the general populous who has no idea that this place exists. If you had told me about it five minutes ago I’d never have believed you. Nor would I, in a million years, have come up with a mental image to match those photographs.

Still…freakhog cool, isn’t it?