My 10 Favorite Moments from 26 Stories

I’m still in vacation mode and haven’t come up with anything all that interesting to do with this coming year. Sure, I could blog and write stories and post them (which is my current plan), but part of me wants to come up with something with a little more…oomph. I just have no idea what that is.

While pondering this and working behind the scenes (I can now update my WordPress software in five easy clicks) I was given a rather astounding present by my sister. She took the 26 Stories project and printed it up as a hardcover book complete with “blurbs” from my family. I find this stunning on two fronts. First…it was just so cool to hold this project in my hands as a book. And second, it’s that easy to make a book nowadays. Sometime soon I’ll be looking into this process myself with the intention of packaging the stories on this website into a printed bound book to be made available to the general public. Because there’s nothing like a book.

Think about that. And think about who just said it. I continue to look for fiction online and I have come across a number of authors with various amounts of their work available online, but as of right now and to the best of my knowledge I have more story length fiction available on the Internet than any other author in the world (I’m notoriously awful at research, so, again, this is to the best of my current knowledge). My commitment to the Internet is pretty huge. And I’m the one telling you that there’s nothing like a book. Nothing. To pick one thing I love about books at random, there’s no equivalent on the web to pinching a bunch of pages between your fingers and flipping through them, like rifling a deck of cards, and watching the words, the story, the lives contained therein go flipping past in a shuffle. Hitting back-back-back-back-back-back-back on your web browser just isn’t the same thing. The Internet offers plenty of pluses that books are lacking, naturally, so there is ample room for both mediums in my mind. But, man, books are wonderful.

As I was sitting on my couch and flipping through everything I wrote last year I was put in a nostalgic mood and I decided to take one large look back before turning around to face forward. Thus, I put together a Top Ten List of my favorite moments from the past year.

I had planned to knock this list out quickly and put it all up in one post, but I wound up writing three or four paragraphs about each moment so I decided to stretch it out into ten separate posts.

They’ll be coming your way over the next few weeks.

Drum rolls will have to be provided by you.


  1. Death to books. Viva la ebooks!

    Sorry, had to say that.

  2. Um, since I’m going to link to this, it’d be good to fix the typo:

    on the Internet then any other author

    then = than.

  3. josephdevon says:

    Yup. Thanks for catching that. And thanks for pointing it out.

  4. Just catching up on my reading. thanks for the nod-glad you liked the gift!


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