Myspace my ass

I’ve been playing around on both Facebook and Myspace to try and wrangle up some fans as well as to try and provide some places for my readers to play.

I don’t pretend to be a master of the social networking sites, but I’ve managed to do some interesting things on Facebook. There’s a discussion board over there (I think) where those inclined can yell at each other as well as the ability to share and invite friends. You know, things like that.

Thus far on Myspace, on the other hand, I’ve managed to break my blog trying to set up a cross posting program, almost crashed my computer trying to upload some pictures, and received two or three threats from my virus protection program about Trojan Horses while tinkering there.

I don’t think I like Myspace. I’m not real sure I like Facebook either, but I will keep playing there. I’m not sure how much I’ll be doing at Myspace.

I really don’t get it.