Matthew and Epp take down the internet

The Matthew and Epp stories are now all available in one place.

You can view them as one post right here.  I have no idea what the consequences might be of putting a post that long onto the internet.  Seriously.  It’s just all ten parts, 99,000 words, cut and pasted into one post.  That’s as easy as I can make it for pure internet reading.  So far it has opened when I click on it.  For all I know, though, too many clicks could blackout the entire eastern seaboard.  You can also go click on the shiny new button in the sidebar to get there as well.

Also, Matthew and Epp, as well as a number of other stories, are starting to be available on the Kindle.  You can see my store here.  Click around through the categories and see what’s what.  It’s very obvious that I need to find my covers quickly; the store looks quite drab right now.  Likewise there is a shiny new button in the sidebar that will take you to my store.

Next up is to put everything into old-school print books.  That’s easy enough for the 16 individual stories from the 26 Stories project.

For Matthew and Epp, though, there is a little problem.  More on that later.

Last game at Stadium

The last game to ever be played at Yankee Stadium took place last Sunday and I was lucky enough to be given tickets to go.
Freddy the super-fan was on my subway train up.  If you’ve ever been to a Yankee game and heard a clanking noise wandering throughout the stadium, that’s Freddy.  People bang the frying pan on his sign for luck.  One of his old pans is in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
The pan didn’t work so well this year.

It was a night game but I went up early to soak in the atmosphere.  Got to see the Stadium in the afternoon one last time.
And I got to meet Babe Ruth…which was odd.
Took one last look at the bat.
One last look at my family’s seats.

And watched the game counter roll from one…

…to forever.

It was a good night, and then it was time to say goodbye.


Matthew and Epp need a name

So continuing on with the whole putting everything from last year into different formats theme, the Matthew and Epp stories will be hitting the Kindle by the end of the week.  And that’s just for starters, the formatting done to prepare them for the Kindle brings them a lot lot closer to preparing them for a nice paperback book among other things.  There’s only one problem.  I’ve spent so much time referring to these as “The Matthew and Epp Stories” that I can’t think of anything else to call them.

I have a solution for this that I’m toying with.  It involves you, your collective imaginations, and fabulous prizes.

More on this later.

What do you want from me, a post?

I’ve been busy.

And yesterday was Monday.

And I’ve got nothing to say.

Just go here and play this game.

So many wonderful bouncing musical balls making me laugh and clap my hands.

Well, heck. That was easy.

“Liquid Calling” is now available on the Kindle.  It was a little odd how easy that was.  I’ve had a harder time composing e-mails.  You just send it in, then it takes a day or two for their elves to process what you’ve given them.  And I need to work on what keywords I’ve given them and have to write better blurbs and what have you, but the basic process is cake.  I’ll start putting the rest of the stories up now as well as shiny new buttons on my sidebars linking to their store.

Also, my quest for covers is now a lot more pressing as the stories are going to look very plain and unloved without colorful pictures alongside them to boost their self-esteem.

So I guess that’s my job this week.  All 26 stories up on the Kindle.  Or, rather, 16 stories and the Matthew and Epp stories lumped all together.

Then it’s on to a print version.

I think I have my first cover pic

Built for a sewing machine magnate in 1884, former home of Dorothy and Frankenstein’s Monster, and a stone’s throw from where I live, the Dakota apartment building was an obvious choice for my first cover.

This building was a nice first step in this project because it is just so darned photogenic.  It’s very hard to take a bad shot of it, even for me, and hundreds of tourists a day would agree as there is a constant stream of people clicking away on the sidewalk shooting up at its looming towers and copper roof from all angles.

The Dakota holds a strange place in people’s imaginations and most New Yorkers, myself included, when playing the “Where would your dream New York apartment be located game” put the Dakota near the top of their list.  Rumor has it the inside is just as cool as the outside with every apartment in the place having a unique design. Layered over all of this is John Lennon, arguably the Dakota’s most famous resident, and his tragic shooting just outside of the building in 1980.

When I was completely stuck on my ninth story and was terrified that I was making the wrong choice by continuing on with a third chunk of Matthew and Epp I found myself unable to sleep the Tuesday before my deadline.  Because I couldn’t nail down a plot I wound up writing “Sunrise Over The Dakota” within a completely disjointed time frame and I set it in a place odd enough to match: the roof of the building pictured above.

So now this photo adorns part three of the Matthew and Epp stories and the weirdest conversation I’ve ever written.

And I have twenty five more pictures to find.  This is fun.  It’s like a scavenger hunt where only I know what I’m looking for.

I don’t know art…

…but what in the hell is this?

Kindle me timbers

Um…so the title of this post made sense somehow inside my head.  It was some sort of pirate pun.  I realize that outside of my head it makes no sense but now I can’t imagine any other sequence of words being the title.  Nor am I at all certain why I was shooting for a pirate pun. I guess we all know how funny those are.  Or rather, I guess we all know how funny those Arrggggh.


My point here is that I have two projects I’ll be diving into in the near future.  This makes three projects in total.

The first, which I’ve already mentioned, is that I’ll be attempting to photograph “covers” for all 26 Stories.  I think I have one of those done but more on that later.

Second, I’m going to start looking into uploading my work so it will be available on Amazon’s Kindle.  Which is where the half-pirate pun came from. I’ve heard it’s very easy to do this but, if you’ve noticed, my confidence in dealing with computer things isn’t very high, so I’m expecting an uphill battle.  Which is good, because it’s all about expectations and if I’m expecting a mountain but get a molehill then I’ll feel smart.

Third, I’m going to start looking into turning last year’s work into a good old fashioned book.  This I know is going to be grueling as I’ve done something like it before, but I’m curious to know how affordable and presentable a book I can put together for you all.  And while I love the internet, it can’t hurt to give you options in your reading choices.

Did you hear about the pirate movie?  It was rated Arrggghhh!!

Adrift in a sea of code

Things have been all over the place behind the scenes here recently.  For a lot of browsers the site was basically broken since last Thursday.  For some reason when I pasted text from a Word document into my dashboard it decided to, first and foremost, put some code in at the beginning telling some browsers to ignore any text to come.  Because that comes in handy.  And then looking at yesterday’s post in my reader I noticed that it decided to just take out a few of the product links, making it a most confusing post indeed.  Which is awesome.  Also there was a chunk of code in my header that…

…look, I have little idea what most of this actually means.  Basically the tiny elves who live inside my computer and who are in charge of taking what I type and turning it into a website have been messing with my head.  It’s to be expected now and again, but when three little things happen all at once it compounds into a huge annoyance and can derail me something awful.

At times like this it’s probably best for me to remember that one or two days of a FUBAR site isn’t the end of the world, and that even with annoying bumps here and there this website allows some pretty amazing things to happen, like you being able to read my stories.  Which I like.  Even if the pasting of one of those stories into the website caused a small meltdown of the Internet.

Deep breaths.  Reset.  Reengage.

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