Adrift in a sea of code

Things have been all over the place behind the scenes here recently.  For a lot of browsers the site was basically broken since last Thursday.  For some reason when I pasted text from a Word document into my dashboard it decided to, first and foremost, put some code in at the beginning telling some browsers to ignore any text to come.  Because that comes in handy.  And then looking at yesterday’s post in my reader I noticed that it decided to just take out a few of the product links, making it a most confusing post indeed.  Which is awesome.  Also there was a chunk of code in my header that…

…look, I have little idea what most of this actually means.  Basically the tiny elves who live inside my computer and who are in charge of taking what I type and turning it into a website have been messing with my head.  It’s to be expected now and again, but when three little things happen all at once it compounds into a huge annoyance and can derail me something awful.

At times like this it’s probably best for me to remember that one or two days of a FUBAR site isn’t the end of the world, and that even with annoying bumps here and there this website allows some pretty amazing things to happen, like you being able to read my stories.  Which I like.  Even if the pasting of one of those stories into the website caused a small meltdown of the Internet.

Deep breaths.  Reset.  Reengage.


  1. I have pixies in my computor.
    And turnips in my brain
    But other than that I’m well adjusted.
    Any the mysterious black box got me here.

  2. Ze black box, adrift in the sea of blog, brought me to your shore.