I think I have my first cover pic

Built for a sewing machine magnate in 1884, former home of Dorothy and Frankenstein’s Monster, and a stone’s throw from where I live, the Dakota apartment building was an obvious choice for my first cover.

This building was a nice first step in this project because it is just so darned photogenic.  It’s very hard to take a bad shot of it, even for me, and hundreds of tourists a day would agree as there is a constant stream of people clicking away on the sidewalk shooting up at its looming towers and copper roof from all angles.

The Dakota holds a strange place in people’s imaginations and most New Yorkers, myself included, when playing the “Where would your dream New York apartment be located game” put the Dakota near the top of their list.  Rumor has it the inside is just as cool as the outside with every apartment in the place having a unique design. Layered over all of this is John Lennon, arguably the Dakota’s most famous resident, and his tragic shooting just outside of the building in 1980.

When I was completely stuck on my ninth story and was terrified that I was making the wrong choice by continuing on with a third chunk of Matthew and Epp I found myself unable to sleep the Tuesday before my deadline.  Because I couldn’t nail down a plot I wound up writing “Sunrise Over The Dakota” within a completely disjointed time frame and I set it in a place odd enough to match: the roof of the building pictured above.

So now this photo adorns part three of the Matthew and Epp stories and the weirdest conversation I’ve ever written.

And I have twenty five more pictures to find.  This is fun.  It’s like a scavenger hunt where only I know what I’m looking for.


  1. As you probably know (but I’ll state it anyway) the Dakota plays a key role in Jack Finney’s charming time-travel novel “Time and Again.”