Kindle me timbers

Um…so the title of this post made sense somehow inside my head.  It was some sort of pirate pun.  I realize that outside of my head it makes no sense but now I can’t imagine any other sequence of words being the title.  Nor am I at all certain why I was shooting for a pirate pun. I guess we all know how funny those are.  Or rather, I guess we all know how funny those Arrggggh.


My point here is that I have two projects I’ll be diving into in the near future.  This makes three projects in total.

The first, which I’ve already mentioned, is that I’ll be attempting to photograph “covers” for all 26 Stories.  I think I have one of those done but more on that later.

Second, I’m going to start looking into uploading my work so it will be available on Amazon’s Kindle.  Which is where the half-pirate pun came from. I’ve heard it’s very easy to do this but, if you’ve noticed, my confidence in dealing with computer things isn’t very high, so I’m expecting an uphill battle.  Which is good, because it’s all about expectations and if I’m expecting a mountain but get a molehill then I’ll feel smart.

Third, I’m going to start looking into turning last year’s work into a good old fashioned book.  This I know is going to be grueling as I’ve done something like it before, but I’m curious to know how affordable and presentable a book I can put together for you all.  And while I love the internet, it can’t hurt to give you options in your reading choices.

Did you hear about the pirate movie?  It was rated Arrggghhh!!


  1. It was rated Arrggghhh!!

    Very cute!

  2. This might be helpful for eBookery:

    Yes, sigh, works with the abominable K too.