Last game at Stadium

The last game to ever be played at Yankee Stadium took place last Sunday and I was lucky enough to be given tickets to go.
Freddy the super-fan was on my subway train up.  If you’ve ever been to a Yankee game and heard a clanking noise wandering throughout the stadium, that’s Freddy.  People bang the frying pan on his sign for luck.  One of his old pans is in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
The pan didn’t work so well this year.

It was a night game but I went up early to soak in the atmosphere.  Got to see the Stadium in the afternoon one last time.
And I got to meet Babe Ruth…which was odd.
Took one last look at the bat.
One last look at my family’s seats.

And watched the game counter roll from one…

…to forever.

It was a good night, and then it was time to say goodbye.