Maddening Games

I’m rather a big fan of games on the Internet.  There are all sorts of fun point-and-click things going on in this place, ranging from the really stupid and mundane to the profound and innovative.

One of my favorite games is something known as Hapland.

There are three of them.  The first one is here, then comes the second, then comes the third.

It’s all quite simple.  You have a couple of stick figure men who you can click on to perform actions.  Also you can click on a bunch of things in the environment to make them do stuff.  All you have to do is manipulate everything so that the men light the little torches.

The first board I was able to figure out.  The second board I was able to figure out…after revisiting it off and on for about a month.  The third board I’m still working through with my therapist.  He says the nightmares should subside by the time I’m fifty.