Matthew and Epp take down the internet

The Matthew and Epp stories are now all available in one place.

You can view them as one post right here.  I have no idea what the consequences might be of putting a post that long onto the internet.  Seriously.  It’s just all ten parts, 99,000 words, cut and pasted into one post.  That’s as easy as I can make it for pure internet reading.  So far it has opened when I click on it.  For all I know, though, too many clicks could blackout the entire eastern seaboard.  You can also go click on the shiny new button in the sidebar to get there as well.

Also, Matthew and Epp, as well as a number of other stories, are starting to be available on the Kindle.  You can see my store here.  Click around through the categories and see what’s what.  It’s very obvious that I need to find my covers quickly; the store looks quite drab right now.  Likewise there is a shiny new button in the sidebar that will take you to my store.

Next up is to put everything into old-school print books.  That’s easy enough for the 16 individual stories from the 26 Stories project.

For Matthew and Epp, though, there is a little problem.  More on that later.