Shameless Self-Flogging

There’s currently a new thingy in the upper left of the website with the header “Shameless Self-Flogging.”  It contains a link to the submissions page.  Boingboing and sites like them are aggregators of the Internet, combing through all it has to offer and writing up the more interesting things going on for their audience.

Getting written up at such a site would be huge, so if you’re a fan please click the link in the upper left (or click here) and drop them a line telling them why you like Joseph Devon, why others should be seeing what’s going on here, what I did last year, your favorite story, or whatever it is about this project that tickled your fancy.

Seriously.  I’d appreciate it.

Go open your favorite story, cut and paste the address into their form, and drop them a line explaining how much free interactive fiction there is going on at this site.

If the project as a whole seems most worth mentioning in your mind, then open up the “Stories” page and cut and paste that address into their form.  Twenty six short stories in a year has to be worth something.

I’d appreciate it.

So go.  Click here.