Surely this breaks some sort of record

There is a musical being made here in New York of the movie Shrek.  Which I find nothing short of crazy.  More info is here.

Someone also, apparently, wrote an opera based on the movie The Fly, which you can read up on here.

These two rather difficult to believe stagings prompted an e-mail discussion with some friends of mine about how often old ideas are recycled.  This led us to the following products.
First there is this:

That is the soundtrack to the new Mamma Mia movie, making that a soundtrack to a movie based on a musical based on the music of ABBA.
But that’s not the best. I do believe this is the best:

Ready? That, my friends, is the motion picture soundtrack for The Producers. Which makes that a soundtrack to a movie which was based on a musical which was based on a movie which was about a musical.
Got it?


  1. Ended up here through the Black Box, but I totally agree, some times I wonder if there are any creative people that can come up with original ideas anymore.